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Palissanderhout Ringkissie
Met Hout Skroefdeksel
Birmingham Silwer Kraag - 1928
Hoogte 54mm - Deursnee 60mm
AW-107 - Prys R600

Kristalglas "Dolly Varden" Damesgoed
Stel van Drie
AW-200 - Prys R300

"Whitefriars" Glas Papiergewig
Karwiel Ontwerp - Engeland
Grootte 76mm x 55mm
AW-201 - Prys R600

"David Reade" Glas Papiergewig
Grootte 85mm x 83mm
AW-204 - Prys R500

"John Deacon's" Glas Papiergewig
Karwiel Ontwerp - "Thistle Cane"
Grootte 64mm x 48mm
AW-205 - Prys R1000

"Murano" Glas Papiergewig
Grootte 76mm x 53mm
AW-206 - Prys R900

"Perthshire" Glas Papiergewig
Grootte 65mm x 39mm
AW-207 - Prys R1200

"Vasart" Glas Papiergewig
Grootte 79mm x 44mm
AW-208 - Prys R600

Glas Wynfles met Silwer Versierings
Hoogte 275mm
AW-209 - Prys R200

"Wedgwood Bone China" Bakkie met Dekdel
"Cornucopia" - Made in England"
"Bicentenary Celebration"
Deursnee 77mm
AW-300 - Prys R400

"H&K Tunstall Viola" Vrugtebak
"Made in England - Design No. 663/6"
"Hand Painted - Signed by R.Grocolt"
Deursnee 223mm
AW-301 - Prys R800

"Poole" Snoepgoed Bakkie
"England - BN111"
Lengte 180mm
AW-304 - Prys R200

Royal Albert Teestel
"Old Country Roses"
6 x Koppies, 6 x Pierings, 6 x Kleinbordjies,
Melkbeker, Suikerpot en Koekbord
AW-305 - Prys R4000 vir die stel

Paragon"Tea-for-Two" Teestel
"Chatalaine" Ontwerp
2 x Koppies, 2 x Pierings, 2 x Kleinbordjies,
Melkbeker, Suikerpot en Teepot
AW-306 - Prys R2500 vir die stel

"Grien" Vrugtebak"
"France - BO"
Deursnee 270mm
AW-310 - Prys R400

"Gouda Madeleine" Kruik
"Made in Holland - Design 799 - 4232"
Hoogte 185mm
AW-312 - Prys R950

"Gouda Royal - Erna" Vaas
"Zuid Holland - Ontwerp Z622"
Hoogte 180mm
AW-313 - Prys R1200

"Beswick" Vaas
Hoogte 220mm
AW-314 - Prys R1000

"H&K Tunstall Viola" Beker
"Made in England - Design No. 636/Y"
Hoogte 117mm
AW-316 - Prys R400

"H&K Tunstall Viola" Bekertjie
"Made in England - Design No. 611/N1"
Hoogte 100mm
AW-318 - Prys R200

6+6 Beenhef Messestel
"Joseph Rodgers & Sons - Cutlers to His Majesty"
AW-400 - Prys R1200 vir die Stel

Suikerlepel plus Ses Teelepels
1838-1938 Voortrekker Eeufees
Versier met Monument en Ossewa met Osse
AW-401 - Prys R900 vir Stel van 7

Stel van Ses Gestileerde Apostel Teelepels
Birmingham Silwer deur W.H.S. - 1904
AW-402 - Prys R1200 vir Stel van 6

Koffieboon Ontwerp Teelepelstel (6) in Kissie
Gewaarmerkte Birmingham Silwer - 1928
AW-403 - Prys R600 vir die Stel

Vierstuk Gewaarmerkte Silwer Teestel
Made by Silversmiths "George Nathan & Ridley Hayes"
Chester - England - 1910/1911
AW-404 - Prys R26,000

Emalje H&H Koffiepot
Hoogte 190mm
AW-405 - Prys R200

Geelkoper Kersblaker
Deursnee 122mm
AW-500 - Prys R300

Geelkoper Teebus
"Lykke-Ting" - "Handarb"
Hoogte 112mm
AW-501 - Prys R300

Geelkoper Trompet
Lengte 430mm
AW-502 - Prys R950

"Princess Mary 1914 Christmas Gift"
Geelkoper Blikkie
Grootte 130mm x 66mm x 26mm

"The Princess Mary 1914 Christmas Gift - In November 1914, an advertisement was placed in the national press inviting monetary contributions to a 'Sailors & Soldiers Christmas Fund' which had been created by Princess Mary, the seventeen year old daughter of King George V and Queen Mary. The purpose was to provide everyone wearing the King's uniform and serving overseas on Christmas Day 1914 with a 'gift from the nation'. The response was truly overwhelming, and it was decided to spend the money on an embossed brass box, based on a design by Messrs Adshead and Ramsey. The contents varied considerably; officers and men on active service afloat or at the front received a box containing a combination of pipe, lighter, 1 oz of tobacco and twenty cigarettes in distinctive yellow monogrammed wrappers. Non-smokers and boys received a bullet pencil and a packet of sweets instead. Indian troops often got sweets and spices, and nurses were treated to chocolate. Many of these items were despatched separately from the tins themselves, as once the standard issue of tobacco and cigarettes was placed in the tin there was little room for much else apart from the greeting card The 'tin' itself was approximately 5" long by 3¼" wide by 1¼" deep with a double-skinned, hinged, lid. The surface of the lid depicts the head of Princess Mary in the centre, surrounded by a laurel wreath and flanked on either side by the 'M' monogram. At the top, a decorative cartouche contains the words 'Imperium Britannicum' with a sword and scabbard either side. On the lower edge, another cartouche contains the words 'Christmas 1914', which is flanked by the bows of battleships forging through a heavy sea. In the corners, small roundels house the names of the Allies: Belgium, Japan, Montenegro and Servia; France and Russia are at the edges, each superimposed on three furled flags or standards. "

AW-503 - Prys R600

Geelkoper/Rooikoper Beuel
"Ontario Regiment"
"Fidelis Et Paratus"
Lengte 330mm
AW-504 - Prys R800

Blik Model Motortjie
"Kaiser" Koepee - circa 1950
Lengte 157mm
AW-600 - Prys R2000

"Andersen's Fairy Tales"
"By Hans Christian Andersen"
"Grimm's Folk Tales - 1870-1995"
"Illustrated by Wehnert and Thomas"
AW-601 - Prys R200

"Barclays Bank D.C.O." - Spaarbankbussie
Met Gegote Beeld van Tafelberg
"Manufactured in South Africa - Fuchs-Ware"
Grootte 102mm x 98mm x 37mm
AW-602 - Prys R500

"Dinky Toys Chieftain Tank"
"Made in England"
Grootte 195mm x 74mm
AW-603 - Prys R600

"Faber-Castell Skuifliniaal"
In Leer Skede
AW-604 - Prys R500

Sterling Silwer Pen en Ink Staander
Birmingham Silwer - 1937
Gegraveer : "1913-1938"
Grootte 115mm x 115mm
AW-605 - Prys R2500

Bruin Leer Kaartkissie met 2 Stelle Speelkaarte
"Genuine Leather - Made in Italy"
AW-606 - Prys R500

Outydse Draagbare Tikmasjien
"Imperial - The Good Companion"
"Manufactured by the Imperial Type Writer Co. Ltd., Leicester, England"
AW-607 - Prys R800

"Esterbrook Dip Less Desk Set"
"No.487 - Made in England"
Volledig met twee Doop-Punt Penne
AW-608 - Prys R400

Boek - "Exposing Stamps of Another Coin"
"A bridge between contemporary society and the cutlure of the Ancient World, through numismatic phitalety and photography"
"by Gerald Hoberman"
AW-609 - Prys R300

"Conway Stewart" Vulpen
circa 1950
AW-632 - Prys R300

"Parker" Vulpen
circa 1960
AW-633 - Prys R200

Bank Spaarbussie met Sleutel
"The Colonial Banking and Trust Co. Ltd."
"Johannesburg" - Pre 1960
AW-635 - Prys R600

"Bust of Hippokrates"
"Made in Greece"
Hoogte 180mm
AW-700 - Prys R800

Sterling Siwerbeslaande Beeld van Renoster
Hoogte 120 mm
AW-701 - Prys R2000

Geraamde Skildery deur "Wilcocks"
Olie op Bord - 2002
AW-702 - Prys R4,000

"Transvaal Money Box"
"By Permission of the Proprietors of the Westminster Gazelie"
Hoogte 150mm"
AW-704 - Prys R1600

"Die Oerknal"
Chris Botha - 2004
Olie op Bord - Grootte 350mm x 350mm
AW-705 - Prys R600

"Sawyer's" View-Master
"Portland - Oregon - U.S.A."
"Ten Stereo Discs Included"
AW-800 - Prys R400

"Kodak Brownie Flash B" Bokskamera
Vir 620 Film - circa 1958
"London - England"
AW-801 - Prys R400

Swart Kontantblik met Sleutel
Grootte 175mm x 105mm x 70mm
AW-802 - Prys R300

Antieke Skroewedraaier
"Stevenson Sheffield - British Make 317"
Lengte 50mm
AW-803 - Prys R150

Miniatuur Duimstok
Hout met Geelkoper Inleg
No.32 - 12 Duim
AW-804 - Prys R100

Boek - "Speed Through the Ages"
Grootte 260mm x 202mm
AW-805 - Prys R500

Gemmer Vaatjie
"Bourne - Denby - England"
Deursnee 150mm
AW-808 - Prys R600

AW-811 - Prys R600

Antieke Smalbek Glas Vrugtefles
"-Atlas- Mason`s"
"Patent Nov.30th 1858"
Hoogte 223mm
AW-812 - Prys R300

Erde Voetverwarmer
Grootte 287mm x 150mm x 110mm
AW-813 - Prys R500

Erde Gemmervaatjie
"Aonian Reg - Made in England"
Deursnee 155mm
AW-816 - Prys R500

Rooi Rose
18 Mei 1960
AW-822 - Prys R150

Die Huisgenoot
31 Mei 1940
AW-823 - Prys R100

"Ruby de Luxe Reflex Camera"
"Thorton-Pickard Manufacturing Co."
"Made in England - circa 1927"
AW-829 - Prys R3,000

Die Huisgenoot
21 Oktober 1938
AW-833 - Prys R100

"Antieke Philips Tafelradio"
Grootte 250mm x 159mm x115mm
AW-848 - Prys R900

"Kodak Brownie Model 1" Bokskamera
"Box Rollfilm - Film Size 620"
"Made in U.K. - Introduced 1957"
AW-849 - Prys R400

Stel van Vyf Geelkoper Skaalgewiggies
Vanaf 1/2 ons tot 4 ons
AW-900 - Prys R400

Skaalgewiggiestel in Hout Kissie
9 Geelkopergewiggies 1gr tot 100gr
7 Plaatgewiggies 1mgr tot 500mgr
AW-901 - Prys R1000 vir die Stel

Swaaiskaal (sonder weegbakkie)
Wit Emalje Lesingplaat 0 tot 250 gram
"Voor Huishoudelijk Gebruik"
AW-902 - Prys R300

Ou Trelock 906 Slot met 2 Sleutels
"3 Levers Individually Sprung"
"Western Made in Germany"
AW-904 - Prys R400

Ou Spoorweg Slot met Sleutel
Geelkoper Nr.1976
AW-908 - Prys R600

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